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Saturday June 6, 2020
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Stupid Client Quote #483

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ruitersvley guru | posted 09-20-2004 | Number of Votes: 141  |  Current Rating: 4.31   

Phone: *ring*
Me: "Hello, Ad Agency XYZ, .... speaking".
Client: "I wanted to ask if my e-mail arrived".
Me: "That depends".
Client: "Depends on What"?
Me: "On Who you are"
Client -quiet for a few seconds- "Why"?
Me: "If you are PEPSI i can assure you we didn't recieved your e-mail"
Client: "You work for PEPSI"
Me: "No"
Client: "Then why do you get Mail from them"?
Me: "I could assure you that we did not get any mail from PEPSI, but if you don't tell me who you are i can't tell you if we got mail frm you"
Client -quiet again-
Me: "Look, just tell me wo you are and i tell you if your mail arrived".
Client: "Who do you think i am, how many People are calling you every day"
Me *ooooch*

After checking the Mal i found one new Mal without a Subject wich OutlookHTML content was "please tell me my e-mail pasword as soon as possible"


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