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Thursday November 15, 2018
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SDS | posted 10-17-2006 | Number of Votes: 47  |  Current Rating: 3.61   

I do some tech support to my friends, relatives and neighboors ect. Here are some of the best problems so far.

I got a call from this 60year old man at 09.00 am. when I was having a horrible hangover.

Man: Where do you type the address of the bank. (he wanted to pay bills online)
Me: Open the browser, it is located on the desktop.
Man: It is open.
Me: Ok, now locate the white text bar in the upper area of the screen.
Man: it is black?
Me: The screen?
Man: Umm... i think so.
(I just wanted to sleep, so...)
Me: Restart the computer and dont touch anything, call me back when it is restarted.
(few minutes later phone rings again)
Man: Now I can see the desktop (happy voice!)
Me: now start the internet browser (I installed his system and named that shortcut "Internet Browser")
Man: I doubleclicked it and no! there is no bank pages!

This took like 20 minutes or more to get him find the address bar ect. and to navigate to the bank's site just to get him to realise that he should have opened the online service from the bank

Man: This asks some password where do I get these from?

Also quite funny thing occurred when I was installing a computer to my mothers friend, who keep saying that whole system should no cost no more than 1000eur (this was in year 2002) And few months after she calls me angry.

My son came here and he said that he could not play some of the games he installed here (those games turned out to be ones which would have required a HE-Graphic card and killer CPU)

I've now studied IT-Technology in a university for 2 years and I have seriously consired to change It-studies to biology or something else. Can't stand stupid people anymore. Why do my parents bought me a computer when I was 6. Why they couldn't have bought me a guitar instead :(

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