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Monday October 22, 2018
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caveman | posted 12-01-2006 | Number of Votes: 31  |  Current Rating: 3.64   

OK, so I get this call today from someone I've never talked to in my large company, and she explains that one of the ladies she works with said I was the guru of SharePoint and that she should contact me about a problem she was having. She explains how our SharePoint site has extremely small print in just one section. After asking her to see what size the print was in IE because there were no ways to accidentally change font size within SharePoint itself, she states, "No, it's SharePoint that I'm seeing the small print." OK, I think to myself: she isn't going to get it, and I'm too busy right now to worry about acting as HelpDesk. I apologize for not being able to help more, and then hang up.

So I figure, yeah, it's probably the font size setting, and the fact that SharePoint is a Microsoft product that is causing the weird behavior she's experiencing. So I set the IE font size to 'Smallest'. Sure enough, the area she was complaining of having a very small font size shrinks to an undecipherably small size on our SharePoint site. Whatever... the HelpDesk will fix her up eventually.

So then I get this email towards the end of my day. The punchline is her signature. I'll leave it to the astute reader to postulate on the possible reasons why our IT division makes my head spin weekly.

"Hi Tom: Thanks for your help this afternoon. Just thought I would let you know what fixed my tiny titles in our Sharepoint site. There's a button you can pull into the Internet Explorer task bar that you can pull in. This button changes the size of the font on a Web page. Using the drop down from this button, we selected medium and everything is in the right proportion now. Yeh!


Jane Smith
Company X
IT Training and Technical Writing"

P.S. I have taken over the admin responsibilities for part of a SharePoint install here, and although I have my Computer Engineering degree I work in the business side of things, so it's not really my responsibility to be coding and providing admin as I do. However, it is beneficial to have me in charge rather than a bunch of systems analysts who keep asking ME to train THEM about how to use SharePoint. Gee, I wonder why that is?!

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