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Friday December 14, 2018
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sipsipi | posted 12-06-2006 | Number of Votes: 38  |  Current Rating: 2.77   

This one really REALLY makes me want to cry.

We host alot of email boxes for clients, and we are very good about working with them directly - we take calls without a call distribution system, etc.

Anywho, the client writes an email to a person I work with, and the person I work with had his out of office email response turned on.

Said client calls my coworker, after he got this out of office response, and says something to the effect that his email won't go through to my coworker, and he received an out of office email - "why wouldn't it go thru?"

My coworker explains that the email came to him, but as a considerate thing to do, he sets an email response that states he won't be able to respond right away, since he is out of the office.

The fact that my client didn't understand that an out of office auto reply was not a sign of a non deliverable wouldn't be so bad if not for 2 or 3 things:

1) This doofus has been using email for years, not days. We are just his new provider.

2) His job is pretty important to the rest of us, but because of the anonymity of this site, please let me leave it at that, and just trust me...

3) It's really early in the morning as I type this, and my exasperation over this clientcopia has awoken me to enter this in to you, my friends...

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