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Sunday October 21, 2018
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docargent | posted 12-15-2006 | Number of Votes: 74  |  Current Rating: 4.62   

I'm onsite tech support for a city middle school. Yesterday, a 7th grade teacher calls me for help. She's giving a presentation for some parents that evening, and the MS PowerPoint on her WinXP laptop won't open the file.

I get there, and the file's extension is one neither I nor PowerPoint recognize. I ask what she created it in, and it something she found installed on the student desktop computer in her classroom. She used it instead of PowerPoint because it was "pretty" (lots of animated 3D smileys).

I inform her that the app she's used is not supported by either the School System or the Technology Dept. Not only can I not install the app on her laptop (even if I knew where to find it), I have to remove it from the desktop computer. My best advice is to use the eight hours until the parent-teacher meetings that evening to recreate the presentation in PowerPoint.

Three hours later, she calls me again. She has not used the time to recreate the presentation in PowerPoint. She has instead searched the web until she's found a site that will let her download the pretty app. Will I come to her class and install it, pretty please?

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