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Sunday March 29, 2020
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fun1 | posted 01-26-2007 | Number of Votes: 42  |  Current Rating: 1.86   

I work for the inside sales division of a rather large IT company. Part of my job is to obtain special bid pricing from large vendors for the clients that I manage to ensure their pricing on the equipment they purchasen is "bid priced" This process once the configs, etc are complete can take up to 48 hours. However, usually, since this vendor is also a massive one, it takes less than 24 hours to turn around a deal.

I set one up the other day with my manufacturer contacts. A bit of background on this was, I knew the deal was expiring, and had starting trying to renew it in December. We have finally gotten to the stage where they are going to create the bid document (yes.. this happened Wednesay of this week)..

Anway, as the turn around time now that were at this stage is usually quite short. And, because I had received an email giving me the bid # 24 hours previous I decided to follow up with them.
Below is the email trail. (all names have been removed as well as bid #'s and vendor contacts)

Vendor inside contact email: Hello

New *** deal # is ********
I wait a day.. Then...
Hi there,
I am wondering when this will be uploaded to the *** deal website?
Response: This will be uploaded as soon as the deal is released.
Ok.. so.. when?!?
Me: Excellent,

Do we have an eta on that?

Its up to the pricing team as to when they wish to send it out.
they must have a monopoly on this and pick and choose which ones to release? Like really.. guess it happens by choice not by when it will be completed..
Me: Ok.. is it possible to check with them to see how close they are to being done?
Your help is greatly appreciated.
Response: I am still checking on stuff from a day or so ago though so those need to get released first. I am unfortunately unable to get in touch with them right now.
Please always allow 4-48hrs for standard pricing request's.
this was already 24 hours ago.. a day or so you say..I'm in the middle of 4-48 hours.. guess he forgot when we sent it in?
Me: The reason for the email and question is that it has been 24 hours now. So I thought that there would be an update.
Thanks and I will check back tomorrow.
upon going back to the pricing team and finally requesting an eta.. they get this response:
The old deal still had some life in it, so I have extended it to its maximum life, which is to ************. Doing a new deal now would require new approvals from management and that would be time consuming.
(fyi.. the extension.. could have been done in December..)

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