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Thursday September 20, 2018
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Renan | posted 02-11-2007 | Number of Votes: 98  |  Current Rating: 4.60   

I sometimes work with technical support for PC's. Mostly it is people that have just bought their first PC and want me to configure Internet, install a printer, and such.

But this one client came to me with a complaint. He had just bought a cheap PC which came with Linux and complained that "the Internet does not work in that ****** Linux thing!".

Since I use Linux almost every day, I decided to check. The modem or network card might not be configured. I configured it.

Me: "OK, now try to open a web page".
Him: "See? It does not work"

Then I realized that he didn't even have a phone line, only a cellphone. So he couldn't have neither dial-up nor DSL access, and cable was not available in his area.

Me: "Do you have an Internet connection?"
Him: "No, but the salesman told me it came with the Internet!"

*slams head in wall*

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