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Monday May 20, 2019
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s | posted 04-02-2007 | Number of Votes: 81  |  Current Rating: 4.59   

So I got a call from a user.

user: "My PC is making a "beeping, chirping"-like noise every couple of minutes."
me: "Hmm. Ok I am on my way over."

So I get to his office, and yes, *something* is making a chirping noise every couple of minutes. Certainly wasn't his PC however.

me: "Have you got a mobile/cell phone here somewhere?"
user: "Err, yeah." *pulls it out of his drawer*
me: "You might want to charge it, the battery's low."
user: "Oh God, sorry....."

So not only was he unable to distinguish his PC making a noise from his phone, or locate the physical source of the noise, but he didn't know the sound of his own phone in need of charging.


So I slunk back to the desk and waited for the next one.

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