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Wednesday October 23, 2019
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ScaredStudent | posted 05-02-2007 | Number of Votes: 57  |  Current Rating: 4.64   

This one was from when I was doing an IT national diploma.

Out instructer was telling us the differences in the businesses practises between companies with web sites and exclusivly online businesses. The main one being that exclusivly online businesses don't have physical shop fronts and do all transactions through there web site and delivery services.

So he's giving us examples and tells us that amazon is exclusivly online now, but used to be just a business with a website. This was news to me as I could never recall there ever being physical amazon stores.

I spoke up and asked about this and he stated "oh amazon never have had normal shops, they weren't an exclusivly online business because when they started out they only sold books."

He couldn't explain why this made the business not exclusivly online (he'd previously stated that the physical delivery of products was irrelevant), yet would not give up the notion that a company that only sells books online couldn't be an exclusivly online business.

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