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Sunday March 29, 2020
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J.R. Muse | posted 05-10-2007 | Number of Votes: 60  |  Current Rating: 4.61   

For the last two months, I've been on contract with a small software company writing the online help for an engineering program.

And for most of that time, I've been asking the director of engineering to assign some people to proofread the material -- it's complex stuff, and as with any first draft, there are going to be inevitable technical errors that need to be identified and corrected.

On Monday, he rushed in and apologized for ignoring me for five weeks. He said he'd be able to spend a little time with me in 15 minutes.

Four days went by.

Today, with little more than a week left on my contract, he came by to discuss how the hand-off of the material from myself to someone else would be handled. This is important, as there remain parts that only a real subject-matter expert can do properly.

But as he spoke, I had to physically keep my jaw from dropping. His idea was to hand the online help to a guy who was hired a week ago. Apparently, "the greenest person we have" was the best person to write the more advanced material.

He said: "But speaking impolitely, who cares about online help? We're not too worried if it's a bit crappy. It's not like the customer will actually read it from beginning to end."

Way to inspire good work, fella. I am SO glad I'm leaving here in a week.

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