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Saturday October 20, 2018
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Cutefrog | posted 05-24-2007 | Number of Votes: 40  |  Current Rating: 3.40   

After telling a client we would be done with his web site in 5 days, after we build his calendar, he made this suggestion:

"If you look at the google calendar (all of you have it in your gmail accounts) you will see why it is such a simple solution. There calendar is a 7 day calendar that takes up the same amount of real estate that we have available. But the best part about the calendar is that it has the ability to view it with differing degrees of detail. ( i.e. there is a tab for week, day, month, next 4 days, and agenda). Our calendar does not have to look as good as this one but the functionality is what we are really looking for. Is this possible? once again, all of the design and functionality of google's calendar would work perfectly, so by modeling after them you would not have to spend time trying to come up with the best design."

Helpful right? But the lawsuit would squash us all like tiny little bugs.. eh?

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