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Tuesday October 16, 2018
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Jammyking | posted 06-05-2007 | Number of Votes: 124  |  Current Rating: 4.58   

I was about 2 weeks into my first real developer job when I received a call from a most upset user. Only days before Id completed an access database for her and shed finally got around to using it.

She was literally screaming down the phone, after about 10 minutes trying to calm her down Id discovered that she was attempting to enter a date in to a text box and the system would not let her.

After another 10 minutes I still had not resolved the problem. At this point Im starting to panic, there is no body in my office who I could pass her off to and Im panicking thinking Im going to get fired. Shes screaming down the phone that she expected better for the money shes paying and will be expecting a full refund. Im opening up code and looking around for the problem and still nothing. The conversation when like this:

Me: What exactly happens when you try to enter the date?
Her: It wont let me! (Very helpful)
Me: ok but what exactly happens? Do you get an error message?
Her: No the blinking line goes to the end of the box and wont let me type anymore!

Im panicking, god Im fired. I look down at the keyboard in desperation praying to the code god then it hits me! Could it possibly be so simple!

Me: What date are you entering?
Her: 10 October 2002, this system is useless! Wheres your manager
Me: Which number keys are you using?
Her: What do you mean which number keys and I using! (As if it was the most stupid question in the world)
Me: Are you using the ones along the top of the keyboard or the keypad on the right of the keyboard?
Her: Im using the keypad on the right, why what on earth does that matter
Me: Have you got num lock on?
Her: Num lock, of course Ive got num lo........ sh<Click>

At this point she hung up, and I burst out laughing. I was so busy panicking thinking Id screwed up, I forgot to check for user being stupid. Basically I finally figured out that every time tried to enter the date she pressed 1 which without num lock is End which would be why it went to the end of the field and would not let her type any more! Since then Ive all ways checked for dumb user syndrome before hunting through my code and 99% of the time it is!

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