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Tuesday September 25, 2018
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Shake | posted 06-18-2007 | Number of Votes: 79  |  Current Rating: 4.66   

I work at a public library, and part of my job entails helping people in our computer lab

One day a lady came in to use our computers, and asked me for help on spellcheck for a document she was typing up for her job.

Lady: "I don't know how to use it.."

Me: "Okay, let me show you how.."

Lady:"What is the difference between something colored red and something colored green?"

I explain to her that one signifies a word possibly spelled wrong, the other a grammar or punctuation mistake.

Me:"Did you save this document?"

Lady: "No, how do you do that?"

I went over that, plus told her at the very least to cut and paste the document and email it to yourself for a backup (she had nothing to save it on and these were public use computers).

Lady: "How do you do all that?"

I had to give her a quick lesson in saving, cut and pasting, etc..

Me:"Okay, looks like you are ready to print this thing."

Lady:(you guessed it) "How do I do that?"

We go over how to print, and I explain to her the costs and how the page will print out at our circulation desk.
While we are waiting for her work to finish printing she turns to me and says

"Wow, when I took this consulting job they asked me if I was computer literate and I said yes, but I didn't realize that they expected me to have my own equipment."

Sigh. The maddening thing is, she is probably getting paid four times as much as me for being a "computer literate consultant".

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