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Saturday October 20, 2018
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KzoneDD | posted 06-23-2007 | Number of Votes: 61  |  Current Rating: 4.23   

To elaborate on this post:

"Upon reading this site; why do I get the destinct impression that I would write about 50% of the "designers" posting here, while they would probably write about me?

For clarification: I'm a schooled designer with nearly ten years experience in design and usability consulting/research.
Yet still designers/developers tend to talk to me as if I know shit about design. Usually when I reign them in and request sane programming/design. One even offered to teach me HTML once.
This was a guy who himself trained as industrial designer and built his sites in all flash."

1) Said designer didn't actually know XHTML. He figured I was inept since I wasn't using all these nifty tricks XHTML doesn't allow and what was it with trying to close all these tags?... (Nor would sanity; btw. His company's sites are EVIL.)

2) The first bit, about complaining "designers", I'm referring to the many instances that I'm actually going; "Yeah, client makes quite a reasonable request here." (Like "check out" or "How is this site working for the blind?")
And if someone who is colorblind tells you he can't see part of your design, don't think he's stupid, think "Hey, one out of twelve male users can't use my design."

Perhaps we should also have a designercopia site. I wasn't dissing the good designers here, I was noting that the bad ones post, too. You know, the ones that you hear about who work for $ 200,- or whose mess you are fixing, etc.

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