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Monday October 22, 2018
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KzoneDD | posted 06-23-2007 | Number of Votes: 110  |  Current Rating: 4.60   

Aaah, helldesk stories are allowed too... did helldesk duty in college...

1) Every day, numerous E-mails "my E-mail doesn't work". The temptation to just write back "it does, too..."

2) A lady calls up to ask wether she could send faxes over our cable internet service.

I tell her no; but if she leaves her old (phone) fax-modem connected, she can send faxes the way she was used to. Help her set up the dial fields (it needed some extra work since our dial tone came in a bit slower than her old providers') and figured I was done.

Later, I get an E-mail ticket; same lady. She complained that the guy helping her over the phone was an idiot and she *could* send faxes through "the internet". She found the software and had it set up. She even had the Word file she wanted to fax loaded, it just wouldn't send.

I figured; Duh, I told her that our cable modem doesn't "do" fax. She should use her old fax modem, or get a decent "real" fax machine. But I figured she might have stumbled upon some web-based service I wasn't aware of, so I scrolled down to check out this "software" she was using, expecting some website.

To this day I'm dumbfounded. Especially at how she managed to load a WORD file into...

wait for it...


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