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Tuesday April 7, 2020
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TS Ninja | posted 08-27-2007 | Number of Votes: 95  |  Current Rating: 4.67   

Cable TV tech support; we also provide phone service.

Customer calls up, says one cable box is/has been fine but the other one's been out for a week. We had done some construction on his street and he'd had intermittent service that day. I go over the troubleshooting basics and run my diagnostic tool. Diagnostic says we can't talk to the box, and the customer's symptoms bear that out.

I ask him to make sure the cable line goes directly to the "cable in" on the box. He hems and haws, says his son, who is "an electrical engineer, he's a genius" hooked it up with a VCR and a dvd player in the signal first, it's fine, that's not the problem, etc.

I don't like to call my customers idiots to their face, so I quietly agree, and we check a few more things. He mentions that he's called before but the calls have been dropped. Specifically says that he doesn't believe we hung up on him, it was just a glitch, but it did happen and it was frustrating. Not our fault but it does suck.

Anyway, we've got no real place to go as the box just doesn't seem to be connected. After about 5 minutes (he's a talker) I convince him to check the connections, and hey, there is NOTHING going to the cable in on the box. There is NO signal getting to the cable box because his genius son disconnected it a week ago.

He doesn't think that's the problem, since it's worked fine for the last 3 years.

I convince him, just for laughs, to run the appropriate cable line to the appropriate input on the cable box, and wonder of wonders, his cable is working again! Who'da thunk it?

Done, right? No. Here's roughly how the rest of the conversation went:

Him: "I do want credit, though."

Me: "..." can't believe he said that.
", for what?"

Him: "My cable wasn't working, that's what! I want credit for a month." (remember, it was out for a week)

Me: "But you disconnected it. We're not responsible if you disconnect your cable box. And your other one was working fine, it's not like you were without service."

Him: "Well, I have to admit, you got me there. You are right, I did disconnect the box."

"I still want a month of credit though. I got disconnected when I called in. You know, I might go with satellite TV."

Me: "Sir, I apologize that you got disconnected when you called in, but I can't give you credit for that. And I certainly can't give you a month's credit for a weeklong problem that was caused by you."

Him: "Oh, that's fine, I understand. But I'll just talk to someone who will."

Me: [edits notes on account ***DO NOT GIVE CREDIT***]

Him: "Can I talk to your supervisor?"

Me: "Hold please."

He got no credit.

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