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Tuesday April 7, 2020
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KzoneDD | posted 08-28-2007 | Number of Votes: 41  |  Current Rating: 3.89   

Mental note: Never ever again touch, look at or even contemplate looking at sites owned by clients who tell us "please put the banners on yourself, we do not know how to do this."(Paraphrasing, but not by much.

Site is:
-Using a CMS that accepts only IE to logi in... this just a side-note but it is where the fun starts.

-A basic frameset...
-Within the frames, another frameset...
-Within this frameset... more framesets...
-Within these... Iframes...

So, I figure out which file to edit so I can replace old content field with new content field, for mental stability and continnued will to live, adapted to fit in the old Iframe and linked from our server.

Replace the HTML file, with *nothing* changed but the URL in the Iframe...

...the site breaks.

Spend a delightful morning trying various ways to embed our flash file, to no avail.

Figuring there's some conflict so arcane that I can't figure it out, with flash, I put back the backup I saved of the original file.

WTF?!!! Site still broken.

I call the webmaster I have on file as contact. He's only hired to replace bits of text here and there and doesn't want to touch the site with a ten-foot pole. I coeerce him into helping me figure it out... we find nothing.

In desperation I call the host, ask them to put back last night's backup.

An hour later host calls... The client specifically asked them NOT to make backups...

I call client. He needs the site back up ASAP, knows nothing about nothing, and leaves me hanging.

I do my best to figure out what the site was originally meant to be. Figiure out that one frameset could do the job. But since I have no FTP access, only that ffed up CMS to work with, I ask the webmaster to build it. He seems competent.

He does fix it, by replacing the file with a copy his business partner had on his HD from another edit months ago...

1) PHEW!
2) See mental note top.
3) Really, I mean it, see mental note top.

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