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Saturday June 6, 2020
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i quit being creative director | posted 08-28-2007 | Number of Votes: 55  |  Current Rating: 4.43   

we've been working on a pregnancy planner for a local hospital for about 11 months now. this project was canceled three months ago, then suddenly came back to life about a month ago. it's 71 pages long and full of all sorts of information.

because it's so large and encompassing, and especially because the client is a hospital, there have been tons and tons of changes to this. about a dozen people at the hospital have to look over every set of changes we present, and then each person has their own set of changes, usually involving something that was perfectly acceptable until they saw the last proof.

here's a change that was included in my last set of about 40 revisions:

"Delete pages 68-69 she has pulled these and asked us to delete them entirely...then there is a change on p. 69. We need to review these two pages before they are deleted..."

so basically i'm supposed to delete these pages, then make changes to one, then review them both before i delete them.

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