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Wednesday November 14, 2018
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vidiot | posted 10-04-2007 | Number of Votes: 57  |  Current Rating: 4.66   

I was once working for a TV facility and we had to take care of the on-location AV and webcast for the shareholder's meeting of the owning corporation. There were about one thousand attendees, a couple of large video projection screens, etc.

The opening act was supposed to be the corporate logo rotating on the screens. When this nice lady from the PR department arrived, she was horrified: "That is not our logo!". As anyone in the graphical/AV business probably knows, nothing on video quite respects Pantone colour definitions, and only a fool would expect a projected image in a randomly lit auditorium to look anything like a printed brochure. Nobody else seemed to have any problems.

On to twiddling, which yours truly had to do as the guy responsible for the vision. I kid you not, we spent an HOUR AND A HALF with the projector adjustments and the colour corrector of the video mixer. Finally she was (almost) happy. As all of the readers have probably guessed by now, all the knobs and adjustments had ended almost exactly in the middle, where we started....

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