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Tuesday June 18, 2019
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kt_41 | posted 10-10-2007 | Number of Votes: 97  |  Current Rating: 4.65   

I work as customer support for a virtual PBX service. We charge $29.95 for the most basic package, which amazingly seems to be a bit too much for some people who run a business. They try to scam us every now and then, hoping we would have loopholes on our records that they can take advantage of. Case in point: Customer: "The service has been inactive and you guys charged me twice already." Me: "Sir, your account has been active and the receptionist is working as we speak. I just called and verified. You have been receiving the service. It's really not our problem whether you use it or not. We still provided it for you." Customer: "Are you listening to me? I can't log in. It tells me that my account is not active." I dig into his account, and behold! His last login date was the same day that he called! "Sir, according to our records, the last time you logged in was today." Customer (puzzled): "Uhh... but I still haven't been able to use it." Next, I take a look at his usage details. Me: "Sir, our usage details indicate that for this month alone, you have over 1000 minutes of call time." Customer: "I don't know how that's possible. I haven't receive any calls on my phone." Onward, I think. I have a look at his call history. It tells us everything we need to know in here which includes who's calling, where the call went, whether he answered, let it roll, send to VM or if the call didn't route due to an error and voila! Truckloads of calls going in and being answered by his phone. Me: "Sir, I looked at your call history and I'm seeing multiple call that went to the phone number that you specified during these two months and according to our records, you accepted almost every single one and talked for a decent amount." I had him cornered and he knew it. He was nervous and breathing heavily, probably hoping that I don't penalize him in any way for lying to me and trying to scam our company (I'm not allowed to do that by the way). Me: "I'm going to call the receptionist right now sir just to verify to you that it does work" So I put him on hold and call it, then choose his extension when prompted. Waddya know! He picks it up and starts talking to me! He then apologizes and hangs up. I put a nice CAUTION note on his account, informing everyone of this fiasco and to investigate thoroughly before issuing any credits.

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