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Thursday October 18, 2018
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Edward_Rollo | posted 01-01-2008 | Number of Votes: 78  |  Current Rating: 4.42   

The warehouse style bulk store is a wonderful place for two things. Saving fair amounts of money while buying an incredibly large amounts of things, and meeting stupid and unreasonable people. This story is entitled:

Closed means Closed.

It's a Monday. We close at 8:30 on Monday. Since it's a big store, and the shopping area is divided nicely by our fence, and our tills, people HAVE to go in the in door and out the out door(even though they're literally side by side from the outside of the store) no exceptions. So at 8:30 we shut the in door, and check out the people still shopping. It usually lasts no longer then 9:00 to get everybody out, since some straggle in at 8:30 on the dot and sneak through just before we close the doors.

Today, though, today was different. Someone wanted to go against the flow. It's 8:45, so we've been safely closed. I was on parking lot duty, so I was outside the exit when I heard this.

DL: Door Lady
CC: Crazy 'Customer'
CW: Crazy 'customer's' Wife

DL: I'm sorry, we're closed.
CC: Can I just sneak in for one quick thing?(A fair thing to ask)
DL: I'm afraid not.(The expected answer. Most people go 'darn' and leave at this point)
CC: But they're all still shopping.
DL: They were here before we closed and we're moving them out quickly so we can shut down.
CC: I'll be in and out before they even get out of the line.
DL: And I'll lose my job. I'm sorry sir, but rules are rules, and I can't let you in after close, especially nearly 20 minutes after close.
CC: Fine, see if I ever shop here again!

And here I thought it was the end of this. I came back from bringing in a load of carts to hear the last half of the following, and got it clarified by the brave door lady.

CW: My husband told me you wouldn't let him shop?
DL: We're closed ma'am, I'm afraid we're just clearing people out and then we're shutting down for the night
CW: Well why can't he just buy some cables to keep down our couch in the back of our truck.(I would imagine the average person brings this with them when they expect to be buying a couch, but that's just me)
DL: Because we're closed.(She was understandably no longer quite so sorry about this fact)
CW: I think you're being very rude and would like to see your supervisor.
DL turns around for a moment and swaps name-tags. When a super is at an actual 'grunt' post they can't act as one for key-flicks etc. So when she turned around she was grinning, as any of us would be, and wearing a name tag that said:
Door Lady
I was walking by and heard the, by now, nearly yelling woman, and decided to loiter nearby. It was some work not laughing when DL turned around with her other name tag on.
DL: What seems to be the problem?
CW: ...I will lodge a formal complaint!
Me(cause I couldn't resist): You'd need to be able to get in to do that, but I'm afraid we're closed. Feel free to come in again tomorrow and fill one out.

She left in a huff. Oh, turns out they live about 3 hours drive from where our store is located, so, I can't imagine we really had that big a loss with them 'never coming in again', especially if they buy their furniture somewhere else.

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