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Tuesday April 7, 2020
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sunbed | posted 02-13-2008 | Number of Votes: 107  |  Current Rating: 3.90   

Ok so this isn't a bad one, but I thought it deserved a place here for being original. We have a Sharepoint based tech request form for our users to fill out, here's one I got today...

It was a rainy night, the wind was howling....I was snuggled safely on my couch. tornado warnings beeping on my television boradcast of American Idol. I had put away my plate from dinner and was set to return to lesson planning. I calmy slid my finger along the right edge of the tablet. plucking at the on/off switch. the screen lit up . the bar raced across the bottom and tehn , without warning....It all went dark. AS the wind howled and raindrops pellted my ceiling, I laid with my tablet , lifeless in my arms. My brain flashed back to my training as an emergency tech.... I cursed, it did not respond, I tapped the screen with the stylus, nothing, I prayed to Saint Centrino, still nothing.....I called 411, they had no information, I placed my ear against the screen listening for a click, feeling for a breath of life...nothing...I performed cbr (computer battery removal) i knew once I started it was the last chance to revive him.....still nothing...I fell asleep , with my poor lifeless tablet in my arms, my tears glistening off the screen....I realizedthat I had not cherished and saved our memories. Evferything we had doen together, the spreadsheets, the textbook checkout lists, the powerpoints were all lost...gone forever. Why hadn't I valued those memories. Why didn't I back them up?

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