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Wednesday July 18, 2018
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ergomatic | posted 02-21-2008 | Number of Votes: 90  |  Current Rating: 4.63   

The client absolutely INSISTED, against all of my attempts at letting him know how against normal practice it was, on knowing what our print vendor was charging us so he could know what our markup was on the printing of his wife's CD packaging. He explained that he "was a business man, and understood markup, and had no problem. He just wanted to know." I finally gave in to his belligerent hounding and told him. He promptly decided to go with his own printer to shave off a few dollars. After explaining that if he got it printed, we would not have any control or oversight over the outcome, I gave him the files.

A couple of weeks later, we got a call from him, and he was livid. He was angry with us because the job had been printed, and the skintone on one of the photos (of an impressionistic painting, mind you!) was "too red". "They look sunburned! This is unacceptable!" So we asked him,"It IS a painting, don't the colors look like that?" "NO! Of course not!" he tells us. "Well, then did the colors look like that in the proof your printer should have given you?" "Yes, they did." "And you signed off on that proof to approve it for printing?" "Yes"

He never did seem to get that he had shot himself in the foot and was blaming us for letting him have the gun that he had forcibly ripped out of our hands.

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