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Tuesday November 13, 2018
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bagelfairly | posted 04-07-2008 | Number of Votes: 29  |  Current Rating: 2.81   

I write and edit for a site that answers people's questions about sex and, sends them an email answer and posts them online. I was going through some of the older posts to look for errors and make notes about where the webmasters could add internal links when I came across several articles that mentioned the person by name.

I was horrified as I saw questions about "could I be pregnant?" "Is meth preventing my boyfriend from having orgasms?" and, most damning, a question about "Erectile Difficulties" (and more) with the user's real names stamped on them. Clearly, the writer had not deleted the name before sending their content to the webmasters.

As soon as I had finished going through all the old Q&A's I made up a list of all the Q&A's that had users names on them, sent them to the webmasters and told them in person what I had found: this gross abuse of user privacy in a very personal matter; some of them from 2003 or earlier.

About a month or two later I volunteered to do some grunt work basic restructuring on the Q&A's, and was surprised to see that their names had not been deleted. I guess the webmasters figured that since their names had been up there for a few years, another couple months wouldn't matter?

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