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Tuesday December 11, 2018
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lump_a_charcoal | posted 04-13-2008 | Number of Votes: 61  |  Current Rating: 2.64   

I ordered Indian, home delivery...

My mobile rings...

"Hello this is xxxx from xxxx restaurant, Sir I am outside your house, but it appears that nobody is at home - May I confirm your address?". I confirm my address, he says he is at my house. I think OK, maybe the front light isn't on, I'll go check it out.

"Hang on mate, I'll go and turn the light on". I get to the front door, the light is on, and the street is empty, but for my car parked on the street.

"Are you sure you are at my address?" I ask..
"Yes sir, I am at xx Barry St, there is no light on".

I am getting a little frustrated by this time, as I am pretty sure I know my own address - And since I confirmed it with him. I know HE knows it too!

"Sir", at least he is polite... "Which side of the street is your house on?" he asks... I say the south side,"No sir, the left or the right?"
Is he for real? I am getting pretty irked now.

"Mate, it depends which direction you are coming from" I respond, trying to mask my frustration.

"Cambridge St Sir"

"Well it is on your right then."

"Sir I am definately at your house then."

This is really getting to me now - As I stand out the front of my house, with a street as empty as my stomach, I wonder if this guy should be trusted with a motor vehicle...

"Barry St?" I reconfirm, "Yes Sir, number xx."

Well I am stumped. I proceed to calmly explain that it would be very poor planning for developers to put identical numbers on one street, for numerous reasons, including disruption of deliveries, when I hear his car start over the phone. He hangs up.

10 minutes later he shows up at my house, with a sheepish look on his face - Don't know how he made it there, maybe he found a street sign, or looked at a map...

All I know is that my Balti chicken never tasted better, and he is down one tip for the night.

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