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Sunday October 21, 2018
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Rufus | posted 04-26-2008 | Number of Votes: 41  |  Current Rating: 2.67   

I had spent weeks discussing with a client the appropriate features he should look for in a hosting account for the website I'd been designing for him. He was insisting on getting a very expensive package even though it was way beyond anything he would ever need or use. I would have felt guilty if I just let him go on, so I tried one more time....and this time I think he got it.

Client: "How many subdomains will I be able to have with this hosting package?"

Me: "Twenty-five. Are you thinking about expanding?" (I'm more design business for me.)

Client: "You mean I can only have twenty five subdomains? Is that enough? There's one for the index, the contact, the privacy policy..." (He was naming pages in the website design.)

Me: "Those are pages. You can have as many pages as will fit into your hosting plan, even thousands of them if you want."

Client: "Those aren't subdomains?"

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