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Wednesday September 19, 2018
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whbinder | posted 04-29-2008 | Number of Votes: 131  |  Current Rating: 4.60   

I work in an auto dealership with a display for Sirius satellite radio. It's a working radio that customers can test out.

Most days this radio is on and set to an easy listening-type station to provide background music for the showroom. Nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind this isn't some complex system, this is the same radio you would have in your car if you get it installed.

One day a customer came in and changed the channel to a polka station an walked away. Everyone started freaking out because they couldn't figure out why the music changed. Genuine panic set in as the sales managers ran around trying to figure out where the music was coming from and why it was changed.

I made a point to keep walking through the showroom that day to see if they had figured out the problem.

Then I was amazed to walk by and see a Sirius tech who got called down "fix the problem". I apologized to him saying if I knew he'd be called down to fix the problem I would have just done it myself instead of being amused.

The tech had no problem with being payed to turn the knob on the radio.

Later that day we all had a meeting on how to fix the problem should it ever happen again.

An entire car dealership that doesn't know how to change stations on a radio.

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