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Sunday March 29, 2020
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Paul | posted 05-07-2008 | Number of Votes: 169  |  Current Rating: 4.29   

During my college years I would build and sell computers to earn a bit of extra cash.

I got a call from a friend who said his mother wanted a computer and asked if I could make one for her.

I used to live less than 30 miles away from the biggest computer fair in Europe, and not to put too fine a point on it, I REALLY hooked her up. Everything was top of the line and because it was for a friend's parent I did it purely at cost.

Long story short, she ended up with a machine that would cost at least 1600 at retail, and I sold it to her for less than five hundred...cost of parts only. No charge for labor or even gas money to bring it to her house.

I take it to her house, set it up and leave her to it, convinced I had done my good deed for the day.

A couple days later I get a phonecall and the bitch is just SCREAMING at me. The computer's a piece of shit, it doesn't work, it's broken, I ripped her off etc.

What ever happened to asking nicely?

Anyway, I go to her house and find she's saying the computer is 'broken' because she can't get it to print. I tell her I never even sold her a printer. She says:

"I know that! I bought one today and that piece of shit you sold me won't even recognize it!!!"

I ask her if she's considered the problem is with the printer and she says:

"Don't get smart with me! I bought the printer from PC World!! They're PROFESSIONALS."

I sigh inwardly. The shaved monkeys at PC world are 'professionals'...I'm just an idiot with a screwdriver.

"Did you install the drivers and everything?" I asked.

"The what?" She says.


I go to her dining room where the computer is set up, assess the situation and point out the following problems to her.

1) She hadn't installed the drivers.
2) She hadn't connected the printer to the computer.
3) She hadn't put the ink cartridges in the printer.
4) There was no paper in the printer.
5) The power cable for the printer was still in the box.

Basically, she'd taken the printer out of the box, put it on the desk next to the computer and tried to print. When this shockingly didn't work, she decided to scream at me.

Amazingly, after I point this out to her, she turns to me and says:

"So...can you set it up for me then?"

I just laughed and said "Why? So you can scream at me again when it runs out of ink?"

She whined something about needing to print something for work the next day. On my way out of the door I said:

"Call the professionals at PC World, they might do it for you...should only cost you about two hundred and hour."

Moral of the story : When someone does you a massive favor...ask nicely if something goes wrong.

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