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Sunday October 21, 2018
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watcher | posted 06-09-2008 | Number of Votes: 67  |  Current Rating: 4.15   

While browsing the produce section of my local supermarket I noticed that they had some attractive melons marked "2/$3". As I moved over toward the melons a woman standing next to them turned to a stock clerk and asked, "Does that mean I have to buy two?" To my astonishment he replied, apparently in all seriousness, "Yes, ma'am." She said, "But I can't eat two before they go bad!" He smiled sympathetically, shrugged, and said nothing. She left without any melons.

I've never considered myself a trouble-maker but I couldn't let this foolishness pass. I went over to the melons, picked one out, and started to leave. The stock clerk protested in a horrified voice, "Sir! Those melons are two for $3.00!" I replied, "Yes, thats $1.50 each, isn't it?" Wide-eyed, open-mouthed, deer-in-headlights stare.

At the checkout, the cashier had no problem with one melon for $1.50, but of course she had a machine to do the arithmetic for her.

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