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Tuesday April 7, 2020
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kronuskhan | posted 06-17-2008 | Number of Votes: 71  |  Current Rating: 4.59   

So i work happily at the happiest amusement park on earth. Easily the most known in the world. im a ride operator, at some of the attractions so im constantly changing positions throughout these attractions.

one day im walkin to my position, and i get a couple of guests asking me a question. im very happy to help all the time, but something about this couple really had me wondering... they were hippies in all the sense. downright smelled bad, hair all over and tie dye shirts and a real funkyness to them. i thought it was interesting situation to finally meet real hippies... i wanted to take them seriously, but they made it so hard on me

guy: excuse me
me:yes, hi *smiled* how you guys doing today?
guy and lady:good good (while having a vague stare on their face)
me:can i help you with anything?
lady: yes, i was wondering, could you tell me why we cant just smoke anywhere in this park? we are aloud to smoke pretty much anywhere outdoors outside of this place. why cant i do it now?
me: (understanding that this was a common question) well, the reason is because we are a family park, and there are many children everywhere you go. so we have that rule to protect the children. we do, however, have designated smoking areas throughout the park. i can show you to the nearest one if you like.
guy: ok, i guess we can do that. i never knew that (theme park name) made their own rules about smoking.

in my head im wondering if this is his first visit to a theme park, because all amusement parks are smoke free, with designated smokin areas. i walked them to the nearest smoking area and asked if there was anything else i could help them with.

guy: yeah, just one thing...(comes closer to me and almost whispers) is it ok if we smoke these? (pulls out a joint)
me: (trying hard not to laugh cuz i thot it was a joke) no, im pretty sure you cant smoke those.
lady: why not? it doesnt say we cant smoke them. this is a smoking area, so i want to smoke it.
me: yes, i understand that, but smoking marijuana is illegal in the country, so im pretty sure you would get in trouble for smoking that. (realizing theyr were joking around by the look of suprise on their face)
guy: this is rediculous! i pay all this money to come into the park, and i cant even smoke anywhere i want. an now you're telling me that i cant smoke this joint in a smoking area. what kind of nazi camp is this? (no joke...those were his words. at this point im trying soooo hard not to burst out and laugh cuz it was becoming a scene and the way they were dressed didnt make it any less unnoticable)
me: i understand sir, but like i said before, we cant just smoke anywhere in the park because of the type of place this is.
lady: cant we smoke at least one of them? this is supposed to be the happiest place on earth isnt it?
me: yes it is.
guy: well, my wife isnt to happy right now because of you not letting us smoke.
me: sir, i never said u cant smoke(by now, all the smoke from the people in the smoking area was getting to my head and i was feeling dizzy) this is the smoking area. so you can smoke here. although, i will advice you not smoke those because you might get in trouble if security finds you smoking them
guy: so now you're threatening us? this is rediculous! how the F@#$ am i supposed to just not smoke this? i dont smoke cigarettes. this is all we have, and i need a smoke.

at this point im giving up, and late for my assigned position, and probably gonna have to explain myself to my leads as to why, and my head is gettin iritated by the smoke and these people, so i tell them, that its up to them if they want to smoke their marijuana, and that i aint gonna stop them.

lady: finally, now i can relax cuz so far i havnt had much fun in this place.
me: im sorry to hear that. but i really must be going. i hope u folks have a great day.
guy: yeah, wutever you nazi. you didnt help us for @#$%

ticked off by being called a nazi,i go to my leads office, let them know were i was and why i was late, and explain that the two individuals are probably smoking their joints, and that they should call security on them. they did. by the end of my shift, one of my leads comes up to me laughing telling me that the security told them to put it out, they didnt listen, so they were escorted out, while yelling "nazis!" to the security ...from this day forward, im sorry to say, i lost my respect for hippies alike

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