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Sunday March 29, 2020
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Accounting nerd | posted 06-17-2008 | Number of Votes: 70  |  Current Rating: 4.66   

In a past life I used to manage convenience stores. My boss, the district supervisor, was into babysitting instead of treating us like adults and letting us do our jobs. We had a security camera installed behind the register which was hooked up to a VCR in the back office. Boss decides he's going to see just what we're doing all day in the store so he starts reviewing the video tapes and giving us feed back like "XYZ sat down from 6:55-7:01", "ABC stared into space from 1:25-1:28" (we weren't given break time). After a few days of this, he comes storming into the store with the tapes wanting to know WTF I'm doing, not showing up at the store until after 11:00 am and not opening the store until after noon for several days in a row (our hours were 6am to 10:00 pm). I knew I'd been there every morning on time so he put the tape in the VCR to show me his proof-sure enough the time on the recordings was showing what he said. As he's ranting and raving and about to fire me for being a screw up and a liar I happen to look at the display on the VCR (right next to where he had inserted the tape). The time on the VCR was 6 hours off. I point this out to him-he just says "oh" and leaves-no apology or anything.

This is the same man who thought I was irrational when I quit a month later after being robbed at gunpoint.

I'll bet he still can't program his VCR.

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