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Thursday January 24, 2019
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ka138 | posted 07-02-2008 | Number of Votes: 48  |  Current Rating: 4.33   

I work for a web design/ shopping cart company for the Uniform Industry. Needless to say some of the old duffers that sell cop
uniforms and nurse scrubs might not be up to speed on how programming/design/the internet/computers work. One client I had was the client from Hell.
We NEVER see the customer. We have accounts in different countries and all over the U.S. However this lady happens to live in the same city as weher our offices are based.
We try to explain to her that there is nothing for her to see since she has given us NO directiobn yet; but she is unmoveable.
So after talking to my boss he relents and lets her come to the offices to talk to me (since im her projects manager) She comes to my desk with about 50-60 pages of
printed pages with how she wants the site to look like.

I knew then this was gonna be a bumpy ride.
After MANY MANY faxes of actual paper changes she wants we finally get the site the way she wants it. However to test her cart I have to create a test customer and order things.
She has access to all order details mind you and remember she's been to our offices so she knows our address.

I use a "customer" named Bob Buyer from the company (our company name--test) with the phone number test everything test.And using our actual physical address.
I get an email the next day asking Bob to send payment as the credit card number of 4111111111111111 does not work and the rest of the information is not correct.
The kicker is she actuaklly asks "Would you like your shirts is grey or charcoal?"


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