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Tuesday November 13, 2018
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the magical button | posted 08-14-2008 | Number of Votes: 52  |  Current Rating: 4.61   

I'm in a first CI/CD briefing with a client who has a system for attaching balconies to older houses. After discussing logo directions etc., he mentions that for a first presentation of his system, he'd need a couple of pictures for a timeline, i.e.
a house
the house with some building material beside the house
the house with scaffolding
the house with scaffolding and the balcony
the house without the scaffoling and the beautiful finished balcony

Already a little tired because of the previous talk ("the logo needs to be technical! but emotional! with emotional colours, but in a technical black&white feeling!) I decide not to question this idea, but quiz him what kind of pictures he wants:

Photographs of "the real thing", or, if that doesn't exist already, a photo composition of some kind; or if he'd like an illustration, if so, which style ... and then I tell him that his timeframe for this -- 2 days -- is really quite tight (as there is no material whatsoever to work from).

He is quite sure time & budget won't be a problem, because: "I know that there is a kind of software which just builds you a house, just use this and it's done in ten minutes."

He was very disappointed that our company doesn't own a magical-house-building software and decided to take his business elsewhere.

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