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Monday March 25, 2019
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AndyK | posted 09-09-2008 | Number of Votes: 51  |  Current Rating: 4.69   

At one of my old jobs, I had a boss who fancied himself as a computer expert because his teenage daughter took one computer class in school. Wow! This led to all kinds of problems anytime we did computer work because he would propose things that were stupid or ask questions so dumb it would prove embarrassing to him.

We had planned to add network wiring to a part of one large warehouse which entailed running fiber optic from the main wiring closet to the far end of the building (about 400 feet), installing a hub, and then running some shorter cat-5 lines for several individual PCs and printers. Nothing fancy as far as the wiring would go but we had to run the plans by our boss and get his okay before the accountants would sign off on cutting a check.

He pondered over the plans, mumbled several times while we explained it all and then said, "Why can't we just do a mock up to see if it works before we spend money on the wiring and other stuff? Wouldn't that be prudent?"

I looked at my fellow employees, shocked looks on all their faces, and then tried to explain to the boss that there was no way to do a 'mock up' before the wiring was actually run (this was back when wireless networks were very expensive compared to today).

"No", he said, "my daughter told me about some software where you can do a mockup before ever building anything and it will let you see if something works or not."

Me thinking: how about we get a copy of this magic software from the computer princess, if it actually exists.

Me saying, "Our corporate network engineer and the actual wiring technician have never heard of anything like that, so maybe we can go ahead with the wiring so this project won't fall behind."

After that unfortunate meeting, us techie folks would often make up some ridiculous idea and then add, "Wouldn't that be prudent?" ;^)

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