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Monday July 15, 2019
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AndyK | posted 09-24-2008 | Number of Votes: 81  |  Current Rating: 4.61   

This comes from a full-time photographer friend who shoots car and motorcycle races. It seems that too many people involved in those motorsports go out and create niche magazines to promote their activities and in the process make a lot of money. At least, they *think* they can make a lot of money, but lack some very critical business skills.

Whenever he is out shooting events, several owners of said niche magazines will always ask him if he wouldn't mind helping them out by *giving* them some pictures. He then lists some bigger name magazines who actually pay for his pictures and suggests they talk later (when he isn't right in the middle of shooting a race) to discuss licensing fees.

Their typical reply: "Well, we're just getting started so we don't have a real budget, you know. We will give you a credit so you can use it to promote your work!"

Now, getting credit may actually help a photographer who is just getting started, but since it won't pay any bills, its rather useless to a full-time pro with years of experience.

He quotes his standard rates. They come back with another plea for free help (all the while interrupting him while he is trying to work). When it becomes apparent that they are NOT listening and will keep bugging him for free stuff, he asks what he calls the 'three magic questions':

1. Are you selling copies of your magazine?

2. Are you charging advertisers to put their ads in your magazine?

3. Do the staff writers and editors get paid?

Since the answer to all three is a resounding YES, then he tells them there is no reason for him to work for FREE. Most get the point by then and walk off. Why do so many people running for-profit businesses think people should do free work for them?! ;^)

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