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Friday December 14, 2018
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helpdeskguy-john | posted 09-30-2008 | Number of Votes: 48  |  Current Rating: 4.53   

"Help Desk guys, can we help you?"
Caller:(acting like he's an ISP employee) YA, working on this modem for the Erickson family phone xxx-xxxx.
HDG: WOW you guys are working late, let me find the account in the database.
C:I've rebooted it a couple of times and no matter what I do the DSL light won't come on. (at this point it's out of our hands and needs a truck roll, next biz day)
HDG: WOW I'm sorry that's happening, but as you know when the DSL light won't stay solid, we hand them off to XXXX(ISP).
THATS WHEN I find out he's this lady's son and really don't know too much and when he tells me.
C: I went out and opened up the box and cut off all the dsl filters and now there this screaming noise on most of the lines, that's why I'm calling you on my cell phone.

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