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Wednesday September 19, 2018
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Bia | posted 10-10-2008 | Number of Votes: 94  |  Current Rating: 4.57   

I am working at a mid-sized helpdesk department. One of my female coworkers came in; she is one of those people who are always a little too excited, stand slightly to close, talk about other people and their opinion of them a little to loudly, and in general believe that their sensibilities are somehow more important than others.

She bounced towards my co-worker, whom we shall call G. from now on, and who has a record of being slightly to direct, especially with this co-worker, and said: "With a print thing I go to Alex right?" G stepped back slightly, presumably to stop his rips from touching her breasts the next time he'd have to breath in.

"Well, ..". Co-worker bounced forward. "Like when I need what doesn't work with words and stuff and email it's Alex he has sent mail!?". G stepped back, saying: "Keep your distance. Then we can work on improving your language skills and get you to ask questions in a coherent way and not like a retarted child. Once we manage to establish a base of communication, I will gladly answer your question, as Alex is our sysadmin and 'does not work with words and stuff and e-mail' is not within his responsibility, nor is 'a print thing'."

Now that was brave, and probably slightly out of bounds.

Coworker, after staring at him for some time: "What.. how dare you say that! You know, no one likes you on our floor. The entire, like everyone, talks about you behind your back! You are not charming and, like, not doing your job well! That is because you are against women and not nice to us. I think someone has to tell you directly, for fairness."

G: "My job is to help you with computer problems, which I do well. If you, or your friends on your floor, need someone to get you all wet, I have several suggestions for you. I am also very aware of the talking behind my back, and I couldn't care less. In fact, I would be dissapointed if you and your useless band of idiots somehow thought of me as one of you. Now, will you please take a step back, use your brain for thinking for once, and restate your question, as a sentence, with punctuation and actually making sense, and I will glady fix your computer problem for you. As for any other need, such as counselling or fulfillment of physiological desires: I will not cater to those, as I said."

One of my team was fired today. But I will sure miss him.

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