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Friday November 16, 2018
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halfjack | posted 10-16-2008 | Number of Votes: 61  |  Current Rating: 4.60   

Whenever we get a new client in, we ask them to register with us and fill in a form. It's not hard - the form is one page long, basic personal details, and work preferences. And yet, SO MANY PEOPLE kick up a fuss about it. One particular gentleman comes to mind.

Me: Thank you sir. If'd you'd like to just fill in the registration form, someone will be with you in a minute.
Man: Why do I have to fill in the form?
Me: It's just so we can have your details for our files.
Man: But my details are on my resume!
Me: Yes, but the form has parts for the consultants to fill in as well.
Man: Why do they need to do that?
Me: It's their job. It helps them find you a job.
Man: I don't need help finding a job!

... This is in an employment agency. *headdesk*

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