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Friday December 14, 2018
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da404lewzer | posted 10-28-2008 | Number of Votes: 102  |  Current Rating: 1.35   

I have a friend who always seems to forget whats going on in an IM convo. He'll act stupid over the simplest things for attention.

them: hola como estas
me: sawp
them: yo
them: ?
me: ? what lol
them: huh? lol
me: uhm.. whats this?
them: dunno
me: lol then why did you send it to me? hehe
them: dunno, why did you say ?lol
them: haha
them: accidentally pasted
me: because i said sawp
me: you said yo
me: then u said ?
me: i didn't realize i was supposed to say something
me: so i said ?what
them: yeah, like a phone call that someone makes to you, you say hi, then they say something not just sit
me: lol ok
me: this isn't the phone
me: im is all about idle conversations
me: just because i say hey doesn't mean i have more to say

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