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Monday March 25, 2019
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badbox29 | posted 11-18-2008 | Number of Votes: 101  |  Current Rating: 4.67   

Honest to God, this really happened:

I get a call from the VP of Communications and head over to her office. She complains that her notebook has been giving her trouble. It doesn't seem to start properly when she has it on her port replicator. Here is how the conversation goes:

[me] "Ok, go ahead and shut it down so we can undock it"
[her] "Ok, please scoot back so I can take it off"
**at this point I am wondering why I should have to move for this as she should just be able to eject it from the replicator (it is a Dell d-series port replicator if that helps you envision what is about to happen). I move and she stands up, pulls the whole assembly to the edge of the desk so the notebook is hanging off. She puts one hand on the replicator and the other on the front edge of the notebook and presses down until the machine SNAPS off of the docking mechanism. I actually saw little gold flakes shoot out from between the dock and the notebook!
[me - freaking out] "What the hell was that? Don't you know there is an eject button???"
[her] "There is an eject button??"
**She had been using that unit for over a year, which would explain why the docking process no longer worked properly...

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