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Tuesday June 18, 2019
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dak | posted 11-21-2008 | Number of Votes: 23  |  Current Rating: 2.72   

Back in the day my first job was a jack of all trades, graphics dept. (I was the
graphics dept. ) shipping, order taking, et etc.
Anyway.. I come in and my boss says he's going to need a two page spread to be
in the summer happening supplement of the local paper. Sure no problem. ( now
this is in the days before computers were used..we actually had to paste up
everything.) me- "When do we need this for?" - (thinking it'll be a couple days to
get it done.
Boss- "They're coming to pick it up this afternoon."
me- "..."
Needless to say I got it done but mostly everything went that way.

And to this day I swear no one ever plans ahead.

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