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Tuesday August 4, 2020
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ragehead | posted 11-27-2008 | Number of Votes: 56  |  Current Rating: 4.56   

I had been working in support for a small company supplying quoting software, when I received the best call ever. To this point I had been stumped on what was going on in our program and required a screen shot.
Me: Ok sir, I am going to need a screen capture of the Quote page.
Client: A what?
Me: A screen capture.
Client: What is that?
Me: It takes a picture of your screen... Click Print Screen.
Client: I don't have a Print Screen
(Some time of arguing about him having or not having a Prtscn or some variance goes on for a few minutes)
Client: Oh would you look at that, there it is.
Me: Ok push it, and now open Paint.
Client: What?
Me: Sigh, I
Client: (getting angry) Look I aint no computer genius here, so don't be making fun of me.
Me: Sir, I would never do that! So to open paint click on Start Programs, Accessories, and MS Paint
Client: Ok there
Me: Click Edit, Paste
Client: Now what
Me: Do you see an image of your screen in the program?
Client: Nope nothing happened!
Me: K Click Edit and is Paste grayed out?
Client: Nope, its black
Me: Ok so click it
Client: (YELLING) WEll you never told me to CLICK IT!
Me: (Take a deep breath) Ok so click it and now do you see an image of your screen in the program.
Client: Nope nothing, but the damn program closed!
Me: What, uh ok lets get back into the program, click start programs accessories MS Paint.
Client: @#@#it what did you do to my computer, its all frozen up now! (Yelling again and mad)
Me: I don't understand what do you mean it is frozen up?
Client: Well when I click on stuff nothing happens!
Me: (Suddenly realizing he is looking at the screen cap IN MS Paint) *Holding back laughter* Please hold for a second
Me to supervisor after a good laugh: Sandy Im going to be tied up for the rest of the day on this one, may as well take me off the queue.

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