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Monday July 13, 2020
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ragehead | posted 11-27-2008 | Number of Votes: 58  |  Current Rating: 3.20   

Working in support for a small web development company for small town ag dealerships in the states, I received this call.
Me: _____ _____ Ryan speaking, how can I help you?
Client: My internet is broken! Fix it!
Me: I am sorry ma'am we do not provide internet. You may have us mistaken with someone else.
Client: No, I know I buy from you, so please fix it, is the internet down for maintenance or something?
Me: Ma'am I am sorry I really wouldn't know that you would have to
Client: (interrupting and getting angry) Look I know we buy internet from you, we have been sending checks to ____ ____ for 2 YEARS now for your (a web page we host and make for clients)! So can you please just check it?!
Me: Ohhh, my apologies ma'am, so you cannot get to
Client: Like I said the internet is down!
Me: Well it is showing up just fine for me, and I have no notices about services down, let me just check an outside connection... yup looks fine, are you sure you cannot access it?
Client: Says 404 cannot be found, do you want the whole message?
Me: No ma'am, can you do a quick check for me? I just want you to go to
Client: Yup, NOTHING!
Me: Ah, that is what I suspected. Your internet is in fact down, but again we do not provide the internet to you, you will have to contact your ISP.
Client: (Angry and yelling now) Look I know you provide us with internet and I need it for our quoting and sales!
Me: I understand that ma'am, but we just host and provide access to that one web page, you do not appear to have access to the internet at all. You would need to contact your ISP for that.
Client: Listen you little $#!%, we pay our bills and I need access to this now, either you get it up or I want to speak to your supervisor who will have your @$$ fired.
Me: Definitely ma'am, I will transfer you right on over!
(Boss told me later that after 15 minutes of trying to explain we do not provide internet she hung up pissed off and angry saying she was going to sue! HAHA stupid stupid women)

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