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Thursday October 18, 2018
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coldrainandsnow | posted 12-09-2008 | Number of Votes: 47  |  Current Rating: 4.48   

One week after launching my client's new one-page site (the same one in my last post, who keep changing her mine) ~~

Client: Oh, and another thing - do not link to my site! I'm more concerned about the site being informative and attractive for prospective interview subjects than a popular place in cyberspace. So for now, I will stick to self-promotion and rely on word-of-mouth among interested parties to get the site known. I don't want links to my site anywhere.

And, do NOT promote your webdesign business with my site! I do not want to be in your portfolio. This is certainly not a reflection of your work - I'm delighted with your service & have already given your business card to several of my friends.

But, the problem is, I just did a Google search for my name, and your portfolio page came up as the #2 search result, below my new site which was at #1. That is unacceptable!

When someone Googles my [very unusual] name, I only want MY site to come up.

Me: The contract you signed allows me to show your site in my portfolio as an example of my design work.....
And, it is not possible to have your site as the ONLY one that comes up in a Google search for your name.

Client: Well, I only want my site and those I've written stories for (she's a journalist) come up. Nothing else.

...*head slams desk*...

She is no longer a client and let her domain name registration expire so now she's really screwed.

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