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Friday December 14, 2018
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jennix | posted 12-18-2008 | Number of Votes: 47  |  Current Rating: 2.52   

3:26:43 PM Client-1: where is the certain-specific-web-copy text? 
3:26:57 PM Client-1: is it an article, section or category?  I'm trying to find it.
3:27:14 PM Web-dev: depends
3:27:29 PM Web-dev: under such-n-such it's a category description
3:28:10 PM Web-dev: i believe certain-specific-web-copy is itself a section also
3:28:18 PM Client-1: ok I will check
3:28:23 PM Web-dev: so, the answer is category and section
3:28:42 PM Client-1: (this is why a site map would be helpful)  ;)
3:29:27 PM Web-dev: the site map is under staff menu
3:32:39 PM Client-1: but it triples our time trying to figure out where different things are in the CMS and then we have to bug you when we can't find them...
3:33:44 PM Client-1: can't this be made?  you input all the info in the back end (with the exception of who/what/why that we did originally) and know it better than we do.
3:34:05 PM Client-1: you know where the things are.
3:35:21 PM Web-dev: i made a site map like you asked

- escalate for 65 minutes, plead repeatedly for a phone call, try to end conversation until later date, etc. -

4:41:51 PM Client-1: yes, I know, I was just using that as an example so you could see how frustrating it was for us to even have to bug you to find it.
4:44:24 PM Web-dev: why do i get made bad just because YOU GUYS don' t remember how you told me to organize everything?
4:44:28 PM Web-dev: :p
4:44:42 PM Client-1: the big deal is the site map.  we don't know where the any other text is. 
4:44:55 PM Web-dev: have you opened the site map?
4:45:11 PM Web-dev: i've updated it like every three days for a month
4:45:24 PM Client-1: we didn't ask you to set this CMS up that way
4:45:33 PM Web-dev: :)
4:45:37 PM Web-dev: wait waaaaiiit
4:45:40 PM Client-1: we have said since day one we didn't get the whole section/article/category what is what
4:45:41 PM Web-dev: site map
4:45:57 PM Web-dev: what don't you like about it?
4:46:25 PM Client-1: how do I know what a component is
4:46:29 PM Web-dev:
4:46:41 PM Client-1: how would I have known until yesterday that such-n-such was a component
4:46:48 PM Web-dev: well.. you couldn't 
4:46:55 PM Web-dev: that's why we're going through all that
4:46:58 PM Web-dev: jeez
4:47:03 PM Web-dev: you guys ain't looked around the website at all?
4:47:11 PM Web-dev: and i haven't had a chance to 'splain how it works
4:47:21 PM Web-dev: why do you EXPECT to be able to find anything?
4:48:03 PM Client-1: you told us the website would be ready to show people yesterday.  you haven't shown us anything regarding CMS breakdown since 2 months ago when you told us you would do it since we weren't getting the whole article thing...
4:48:29 PM Web-dev: But i've given updates everytime we meet, every week, for the last three months
4:48:40 PM Web-dev: i take you into the backend every week
4:48:45 PM Web-dev: i do my best to show you
4:48:52 PM Client-1: not for the purpose of learning where things are
4:49:47 PM Web-dev: but say
4:50:19 PM Web-dev: when i tried to show you guys where everything was, didn't you just tell me you wanted to just send me the stuff and have me put in into the site?
4:51:06 PM Client-1: you told us to send things to you b/c we didn't understand the construction of the site, and what was supposed to be an article, what was supposed to be a category, etc.
4:51:06 PM Web-dev: No, *you* told me you were going to to send things to you b/c you didn't understand the construction of the site, and what was supposed to be an article, what was supposed to be a category, etc.
4:52:12 PM Client-1: all we did was ask you where something was.  you told me, and I commented that this was the exact reason we requested a site map.
4:52:19 PM Client-1: so we dont' have to go to you every time.
4:52:23 PM Web-dev: ok
4:52:30 PM Web-dev: what's wrong with the site map we already have?
4:53:00 PM Client-1: Web-dev until 10 minutes ago we didn't even know this existed.
4:53:16 PM Web-dev: but it's been in the menus for over two months
4:53:31 PM Client-1: we don't know about things when you don't tell us.
4:53:37 PM Web-dev: ????
4:53:41 PM Web-dev: but it's your website?
4:53:43 PM Client-1: when we mentioned it yesterday you should have said something.
4:53:48 PM Web-dev: i DID!

This is why chat is not a good medium for working with clients.

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