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Saturday August 24, 2019
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Remicks | posted 12-20-2008 | Number of Votes: 95  |  Current Rating: 4.57   

Another fun pharmacy quote.

In the past month, I was hired at a certain national chain pharmacy as lead pharmacy technician. Great pay, great benefits, at least for a college student.

Anyway, we have a drive through window, and this creates many problems. People expect to hand over a prescription and a minute later get their pills handed over to them. In reality, this commonly takes 15 minutes because of the redundant checks we have to do on pill type, count, etc.

One woman comes up to the window with kids in tow.

Me: (big smile, I rock with customer service) Hi, how can I help you?
Her: Yeah, I want this refilled

She hands me an inhaler with no prescription label on it and the actual name of the product peeled off.

Me: Ma'am, do you have the prescription label? Or could you tell me the name of the product?
Her: My name is Jennifer, and it's an inhaler for my kid.

Wonderful. I can tell this is going to be fun.

Me: Could I have the full name of the person this is prescribed to?
Her: Ryan XXXXX
Me: Ok ma'am, let me look up the prescription in our computer.

After searching, I find that the child has 3 different inhalers prescribed. I ask if she knows which of these she needs refilled and she calls the doctor's office which is closed, then tries her husband. This takes her well over 5 minutes and a line and Rx's needing to be filled are building up.

Her: Ok, it's XXXX.
Me: Thank you ma'am...Ok, you don't have any refills on this left.
Her: WHAT? I just took my kid to the doctor, I of course have refills!!!
Me: Well, all of the refills allowed by the last prescription have been filled for ma'am. We can't fill it.
Her: You're a no-good liar! I could tell from your long hair that you're some kind of druggie! You must have taken it to get high or something!
Me: Ma'am, I can assure you that's not the case. I've don't use drugs; I don't even drink.
(true, I used to enjoy the occasional joint but I stopped when I got this job, because I get drug tested. I don't enjoy alcohol at all)
Her: Whatever, I'm sure that's not the case, but listen you hippie shit. (I can't believe she said that! In front of her kids no less!) I know you're lying to me, the doctor told me it can now be refilled, he even wrote it down for me!
Me: Ma'am, did he write a prescription for it?
Her: Of course! Like I JUST SAID, he wrote it down.
Me: We need that piece of paper to fill it, like we always have required and all other pharmacies have always required.
Her: I know that! I've never been treated so poorly by such an arrogant pharmacist. (She's red in the face at this point)
Me: Well, can I have that prescription then?
Her: Yeah, fine. You could have just said that in the first place!

She searches through her purse for several minutes.

Her: I guess I don't have it with me. Maybe I left it at home. I'll be back with it later and believe me, I'm going to call your manager.

She never did come back, and my manager came in with an odd expression on her face.

Manager: This lady called and accused you of insulting her intelligence, being "an asshole," and using drugs. I know you pretty well, James, and I find that hard to believe. What happened?

I explained the story which left her laughing, and she promised that if that ever happened again, that she would tell the woman to leave and find another pharmacy.

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