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Sunday October 21, 2018
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CM | posted 12-30-2008 | Number of Votes: 42  |  Current Rating: 4.23   

It's a slow day in the office. I'm just tidying up loose ends and whatnot. All of a sudden I get a frantic phone call from my boss telling me that one of our clients can't access the internet and that I need to investigate it. (Said client operates their whole business using hosted services)

Before I called the client I looked up the location IP and brought up the Sonicwall. It was up and had been up for weeks without incident. Called the client.

Me: Hi, I just got a call that your internet is down. Can you verify?
Client: Yes that's correct. I just submitted a trouble ticket via email about it.
Me. Ok sounds good. I'll investigate it and get right back to you.

I went to lunch.

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