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Monday July 13, 2020
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DexX | posted 01-08-2009 | Number of Votes: 55  |  Current Rating: 2.56   

Ahhhhh, helpdesk...

I arrived at work this morning to find a voicemail message from a staff member in another office, panicking because she had come into work for her last day and her email wasn't working. She had a lot of loose ends to tie up before leaving the department, and it was terribly urgent that she get her email fixed ASAP. She got into work early, too, so the message was over half an hour old.

Naturally I jumped onto Lotus, emailed the Lotus Notes team leader, apologised for contacting him directly, explained the situation, and asked him to fix it as a matter of extreme urgency.

I then called the client back to let her know the problem was being looked at and should be fixed soon.

At that point she admitted she'd found the contact for the Lotus team herself and the problem had been fixed.

Well... good.

Maybe in guture you could actually TELL me when your helpdesk issues are resolved independently so I don't run around trying to help you and wasting my fucking time.

This was then followed by a grovelly message to the Lotus team leader apologising for bothering him and letting him know the issue was resolved, so please disregard my previous "VERY URGENT" email.


Great start to a Friday morning.

Addendum: While typing this, the Lotus team leader phoned me directly to sort out the issue, having not yet read the second email. So I got to grovel to him on the phone too.


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