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Wednesday December 19, 2018
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rizcar4 | posted 01-12-2009 | Number of Votes: 42  |  Current Rating: 4.41   

After sending the [most annoying] client [in the world] finalized designs for their website...

client: "I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! You make it hard to choose. [name] and I sat down and looked at them all beside one another and decided on the beige/earthtone. We love the change of the logo colors have got the opening page PERFECT. The logo is PERFECT. The Colors are PERFECT."

Exactly one month later, after we started programming:

client: "1. the swirls are not working - try a vine, wave, tree, fern...
2. logo & color : gold not working, logo could be improved ( i have and attached) [client "designed" their own logo - yay!]
3. use more color: we are known for vibrant and interesting color combination with whimsical touches. I tweaked colors and added "whimsical" hand-drawn frame around photo- this is should use her own creations

i have attached this basic design layout again to visually show what the suggestions are. The layout looks OK...but still want direction from you. The next design layouts, I want you to preview and like so much that you would be willing to use as your own. Change the colors, font, photo sizes...I am finished. I trust at this point, whatever the final layout is- will be perfect.

me: "you said it was perfect a month ago!!!"

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