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Sunday October 21, 2018
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lord gold | posted 01-18-2009 | Number of Votes: 52  |  Current Rating: 4.62   

As a Blackberry/PDA rep for t-mobile, after explaining there's a network issue causing most customers to loose data capability, obviously unsolvable by myself.

customer - Well, okay. Can you at least tell me where my phone is?

me - (Startled by the request) I'll try, did you place an order or are you supposed to receive a replacement?

customer - My BLACKBERRY broke, I'm supposed to get a new one.

me - Well I'm sorry to hear it broke; I'll be glad to check for you. (Checks order forms, has already been picked up by UPS and is en route. Was placed on 15th, is now the 18th) Okay, it's been sent out and UPS has it, they'll have it to you as soon as possible.

customer - When will I get it, exactly?

me - Would you like the tracking number?

customer - NO. Where's my phone?

me - (Our site does not have access to, because of an improperly set-up firewall) Well, I can't check for you, I don't have access to, I apologize. (I check the handset delivery expectations, 7 business days, and because of holidays and week-ends, it would be received around the 27th, according to UPS) It looks like you may be receiving it soon, but you may have to wait 'til the 27th, because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the Presidential Inauguration, and week-ends.

customer - Well I don't care about "week-ends" and "holiday" and "inaugurations", I just want my damn phone RIGHT NOW.

me - Once again, I apologize, but it's up to UPS when they are able to make shipments, and unfortunately it's a busy time of year.

customer - (Interrupting me) Well, don't you customer care representatives have the power to speed this up? I've had it done for me before, do it now.

me - Well, unfortunately UPS has the phone already. You could have asked for and paid for express shipping, however.

customer - Well I want express shipping then. (Obviously could not change that at this point)

me - I'm sorry ma'am, but we can't change the shipping timeline, it's already been shipped. And even if I could, I'm a technical care representative, not a customer care rep. (Shouldn't have said that)

customer - WELL WHY AM I TALKING TO YOU?! Let me talk to customer care.

me - Well, unfortunately they won't be able to help you either. I could give you the number for UPS, or your tracking number for you shipment if you'd like.

customer - NO, transfer me to customer care now.

me - Ma'am, I'm sorry but they won't be able to -

customer - TRANSFER ME NOW.

me - k. (transfers, listens)

customer - Hi, I'd like to know why you have morons in your tech department. He told me my phone would be here on the 20th, then changed his story to the 22nd, then the 27th. Can you help me get my phone?

customer care rep - (after checking account details) Well, unfortunately UPS has your phone at the moment, we can't alter and order information, and because of the holidays and such, -


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